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Plan to consistently cover skin and head with light clothing or sunscreen. – 104.4 miles from Denver. Waterton Canyon gets a ton of traffic. The average elevation is over 10,300 feet. (Read about our 2017 journey on Segments 1-6 here.) Yes, The Colorado Trail Foundation offers supported treks along the CT every summer and the schedule is posted online in (approx.) Retailers include, National Geographic map store, and It includes both the challenging Sargeants Mesa segment and extended high alpine terrain leading to the highest point of the ride. There is a good-sized parking area that is free for now, and you can use it to access the Rec Path and other trails in town. The Colorado Trail is one of the premier, long distance bikepacking trails in the US. Cyclists will find detail of the mandatory bicycle detours around wilderness areas in both the CT Guidebook and CT Map Book. The longest dry stretch is in Segments 17-19 where you will likely encounter minimal or no water for up to 40 miles. Availability of water is sometimes sporadic. I’ll be meeting some friends at Copper Mountain for a nice week of relaxation at the resort. The trail travels west from the north end of the parking area and continues to the Wellington Lake Road/Rolling Creek Trailhead. – Hike to mile 3.1 of Segment 6 (Longest Day) ... (CT). Designated campsites (some free, some charge a fee) along the CT are sporadic. I sent you a PM about SPOT. Segment 7 (and its logical companion, segment 8) are, in my opinion, the best and most scenic segments on the Colorado Trail north of the Collegiate East / … We do not recommend attempting a thru-hike in the winter as the CT is not marked for winter travel and avalanche danger is prevalent. Start: Copper Mountain. Waterton Canyon is one place along the Trail where camping is not allowed. Anitha G Thiru reviewed Narrow Gauge and North … Membership Sales & Support: 406-640-HIKE (406-640-4453) |, Colorado Trail Segment Hike: Segments 1-7, Our Lightweight Gear Recommendations for REI Members, Backpacking Courses, Webinars & Other Events. – 40.2 miles from Denver, July 2nd: 14.8 Miles This segment is no joke! The Colorado Trail is suitable for hikers, equestrians, pack animals, and mountain bikers, though bicycles are prohibited in wilderness areas. The Colorado Trail is a multi use trail that runs 500 miles (529 by bicycle) from Waterton Canyon in Littleton, Colorado to Durango, Colorado. Hiking footwear is a matter of personal choice. You can access The Colorado Trail from the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Also, camping should be avoided on private land (mainly near communities along the Trail, shown in white on the guidebook maps). Animal encounters have not been much of a problem for hikers. OHV Riding (>50”) Nordic Skiing. Hard to say. Or should either direction be ok? Horseback Riding. One of the best segments of the Colorado Trail, Segment Six is best enjoyed as a point-to-point backpacking trip. Most of the CT runs through National Forest and Wilderness Areas within the Forest. Dry camp and hike. Segment Six of the Colorado Trail. Dogs are not allowed on CTF volunteer Trail Work Crews. It's one of my favorites--incredibly scenic, but also challenging, with 5,196 ft of elevation change (up) and 5,968 feet of elevation change (down). Golden CO 80401 Camping and fires on the first 6.7 miles of the trail. It is a communication device considered useful by many. December for the following summer. They’re also convenient bail-out points should something go wrong (i.e., injury or bad weather), and determine where hikers can resupply. – Hike to mile 11.9 of Segment 3 Also, keep your feet and socks clean and dry to prevent excess friction. Maybe bring a headnet. One alternative is to have your dog join you at the beginning of Segment 2 at the S. Platte River Bridge Trailhead. Get our Handbook - the resource you need to make intelligent decisions about gear, safety, comfort, and pack weight. However, does SPOT work well on this part of the CT? Plan C: Hiking the Colorado Trail: Segment 1 and 2 I am blessed to live within a 30-minute drive of the Colorado Trail. Would it be best to go west to east to avoid nasty weather later in the day at the highest elevations? First, buy The Official Guidebook of The Colorado Trail Foundation and study it. It’s a technically challenging trail for a bike, with lots of “hike-a-bike” sections particularly near the summit. They are fantastic and have served me well; I’ve run a couple half marathons in them and a full marathon as well, so they will be chafe free for sure. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. We also recommend finishing the Trail no later than late September before snow becomes plentiful. In Segment 17, Baldy Lake (mile 7) and Razor Creek (mile 10.6) are the best options for water. Walk to Union Station MAP: Trails Illustrated PERMITS: none (easy self-registration for wilderness areas) DESIGNATION: primarily 7 different National Forests BEST SEASONS: July, August, September DISTANCE: 485 miles from Denver to Durango WATER: I thru-hiked with 4 liters capacity. Get Here. – Hike to mile 32.7 of Segment 6. Colorado Trail : Segment 7 is a 12.4 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Frisco, Colorado that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as difficult. The CT is extremely difficult to locate when covered by snow. Whether planning to be out for two hours or ten hours, plan to carry essent… Parking was no problem. Sponsorship of a segment provides trail supplies for three cowgirls, their horses and dogs. CT - Segment 8: Copper Mountain to Tennessee Pass Intermediate. Designated campsites (some free, some charge a fee) along the CT are sporadic. A Trailstar should be fine for this hike right? Also, camping should be avoided on private land (mainly near communities along the Trail, shown in white on the guidebook maps). Whatever hiking boot or shoe you wear, make sure it’s broken in before you begin the Trail. When you arrive at a wilderness area, the U.S. Forest Service has a do-it-yourself or self-service permit station where you need to fill out a FREE permit, leaving half at the station and keeping the other half with you while in the wilderness. Trail users should not plan to travel higher elevation portions (generally above 10,000 ft) until late June to allow for snowmelt. Segments 2 & 3 also get a lot of mountain bike traffic. End: Gold Hill TH. Here are the details. The Colorado Trail is a long-distance trail running for 486 miles (782 km) from the mouth of Waterton Canyon southwest of Denver to Durango Colorado. Download the Backpacking Light Handbook to help you make intelligent decisions about gear, skills, ultralight philosophy, and reducing your pack weight. Er führt vorbei an herrlichen Aussichtspunkten und es The Colorado Trail and Continental Divide Trail are overlapped at this point. Pics of Segment 7: From the Back of the Pack. We recommend synthetic fabrics and layers including rain shell and pants. It is not for the faint-hearted. Snowmobiling. Reprint supply is due around mid-January. If you enjoy camping then must come for 3 to 6 weeks. Trekkers need only hike with their daypack. Sure. Snowshoeing. Here is my travel itinerary for the trail itself. I have one big push day of almost 20 miles, but I think I can do that, and if I don’t I can make both July 3rd and 4th 17 mile days. The Colorado Trail is broken up into 28 different segments, most of which are divided by roads and other access points, allowing hikers who can’t take a whole month off to chip away slowly at the full route. Take AF bus towards downtown (leaves around 8:20, arrives 9:02) It transmits your location to the computer screens of others at home (helps greatly with rendezvous) and can transmit an emergency signal to your friends or even 911 search & rescue. Biking. Bicycles are not allowed beyond this point. Er führt durch schönen Wald, vorbei an herrlichen Aussichtspunkten und es gibt oftmals Wildtiere zu sehen. The CT Map Book can only be purchased at the CT Store. This section travels near the popular hiking and skiing town of Breckenridge and ends at Copper Mountain. The Map Book includes a highly accurate, detailed line of The Colorado Trail with mileage indicators plotted on USGS topographic maps. There is good camping in this area. Designated campsites (some free, some charge a fee) along the CT are sporadic. Date: Aug 28, 2011. Restroom: Vault toilet. The “barebones” of The Official CT Guidebook. – Hike to mile 14.5 of Segment 4 Shipping time depends on your chosen shipping method. Home › Forums › Campfire › Pre-Trip Planning › Colorado Trail Segment Hike: Segments 1-7, Colorado Trail 7 Day Segment Hike Questions. The Colorado Trail, 8th edition, a popular guidebook for the trail, has segment 10 as 13.6 miles in length but more recent GPS data have it at 13.1 miles. Activities: Hiking, Camping, Snowshoeing, Skiing. The Colorado Trail Databook has each campground noted, and most are maintained by the Colorado Trail Foundation. Du 26 au 30 août 2019 sur la Colorado Trail Musique: Green Green Garden par: Chris Haugen The Creek par: Topher Mohr and Alex Elena. There is no formal network for arranging a shuttle. If you hike or ride the entire segment, it is 32.9 miles. We do not know the number of folks who have completed the CT. You can visit our CT Completers page if you like to view a list of those who have reported back to us of their completion. Bicycles are not allowed beyond this point. Should I expect to see any significant amount of snow around this time of the year? This would be both my underwear and shorts. Hello,McFly, McFly, anybody home? These require a reservation and often have a wait list though. Cell phone coverage is best nearest the towns (where cell towers are located) and at high points (where signals to/from cell towers sometimes reach). The Colorado Trail is divided into 33 segments which includes a choice of two routes in the middle, Collegiate East and Collegiate West.See the map on our maps page for a quick look at the segments.. I would love a suggestion on good gloves! USFS offices and contact information are listed here on CT elevations range from 5,520 feet at the Denver terminus (Segment 1, Waterton Canyon) to the highest point of 13,271 feet, just below Coney Summit in Segment 22 at mile 15.6. – Hike from Waterton Canyon (if not closed) 8.7 miles to Bear Creek and camp. Generally, thru hikers will encounter one or more other users each day and possibly many. July 6th: 12.4 Miles Motorcycle Riding. – Hike to mile 6.6 of Segment 2. The Colorado Trail ("CT") ... Thru hikers tents most night in flat spots that have already been established and used previously for camping. One of the country’s premier long trails, stretching from Denver (technically, Littleton) to Durango, the Colorado Trail winds its way 486-miles from central to the southwestern corner of Colorado. NOTE: The end of CT - Segment 8 and the start (southbound) of Segment 9 are both at that parking lot so make sure you are on the right trail! 3-day segment = $384.00. Every user has their own preference for which combination of guides they like to use. We receive a handful of reports of bear sightings each year. The Colorado Trail, Segment 10 starting at the Timberline Lake Trailhead to the Mt. Camping is allowed on the majority of The Colorado Trail. Email the CTF office, at, for a list of people who have offered to shuttle Trail users along the CT. I originally opted for a Cuben Grace Duo from MLD but I already have the Trailstar and want to save some money. Segment 27 of the Colorado Trail begins at Hotel Draw Road. However, CT users must be prepared to filter or purify water from springs, streams, ponds, lakes, etc. Choose what has proven best for you. View USFS contact information here on our website. The CTF maintains the CT, but the USFS established and administers the regulations, including on camping. 2-day segment = $256.00. July 7, 2020 / Bill Manning. Featured Routes. The Databook is easy to carry; it is a condensed version of the Guidebook. See anything that could pose a problem here? You really only need to be concerned about Georgia Pass and Gold Hill. There are many sources of good info on the web and elsewhere, including the CT Guidebook. Consider some of today’s lower, lighter, breathable, sturdy shoes; users have reported having success with these. As per usual for accessing the various segments of the CT, you will likely want a 4x4 vehicle to reach this point. Distance: 13.2 miles Elevation gain: 3674 feet Elevation loss: 3053 feet Open to bikes: yes. WOW! I met some incredible humans on trail, and have found myself a wonderful little tramily. Thru hiking the CT requires extensive physical training and careful preparation. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until November. Please order well in advance of your CT departure to allow sufficient delivery time and plenty of time for you to make plans using the guides. Segment 7. Trail users are advised to complete their excursions on the CT before the end of September to account for potential early winter storms.Much of the CT is exposed to the sun, making sun protection a necessity. Colorado Trail A biker competes in the Colorado Trail Race in 2007. Follow the well-marked trail south, cross the bridge over Glacier Creek (mile 0.4), and Busk Creek (mile 1.2). Hiking. These are great maps but possibly best suited for trips on just a portion of the CT because 14 maps are needed for full CT coverage. Colorado Trail Segment 7 of 28. We recommend contacting the Forest Service about camping. Horseback Riding. Especially on a holiday weekend. 4&5 are popular with weekenders. Shoes/boots made with polyurethane (PU) midsoles have been reported to provide support and durability over longer distances than those made with EVA. Prepare for a wide range of temperatures, say 30º-80º, and maybe more. No, but the CT ‘season’ is short, primarily July and August. Camping is allowed on the majority of The Colorado Trail. The Colorado Trail: Trailside Databook, a pocket-sized guide that has “mini maps” and symbols representing intersections and water sources, etc. Each one is a moderate to exceptional hike in its own right, from 11.4 miles (18.3 kilometers) to 32 miles (51.5 kilometers) in length. Any Activity. A Membership is required to post in the forums. It is not necessarily a hard trail, but between the distance and the elevation at Georgia Pass, it can be a challenging mountain bike ride or hike. The Official Guidebook of The Colorado Trail Foundation is best for CT trip planning and is the guide that best shows the roads and road accesses. Colorado Trail Segment Map; Virtual Tour; Location: Gateway Drive / Breckenridge, CO; Start Access: Paved roads; Trail Surface: Rocky single-track with sand and grass; Hike: Much of the first half of this segment has been devastated by pine beetles, with a result similar to the burned areas experienced earlier. Breckenridge to Copper Mountain, CO | 08/31/19 | 13.78 miles | 3,760 gain. We had originally planned to start in Durango (segment 28) and work our way northbound. Shelley C wrote a review Aug 2020. Snowmobiling. Colorado Trail Segment 7 – Copper to Breckenridge. Colorado Trail: The Entire MTB Route - IMBA EPIC; Description Warning: this is a difficult trail at extremely high altitude. For most people, this will be less of a bike ride and more of a high-alpine adventure with a fun and fast descent. Pack smart! Yes, there are many sources of drinking water along the CT. July and August storms at higher elevations often include lightning and hail, sometimes even snow. Avoid cotton clothing altogether. Segment 7. Rather than riding a bus back to the Colorado Trail, I discovered a trail that leaves downtown Frisco called the Peaks Trail. Something for everyone: Basic, Premium, and Unlimited Membership options available. Do not ride this if there is any chance of thunderstorms. It is best to take proper precautions with your food. Any light gloves will be fine. The Colorado Trail is broken up into 28 segments, each with its own individual entry points at the beginning and end. And to Randy: thanks for all the insight! There are lakes and streams along the CT that provide fishing opportunities. Camping is allowed on the majority of The Colorado Trail. Trail users should take proper precautions and plan to be off high ridges and exposed areas by noon. We told them we wanted to hit the trail by 7 am. All are valuable for different reasons. Rather than crossing the creek, the trail heads directly south keeping the creek on your left-hand side. Includes bike detour routes around Wilderness. Colorado Trail Segment 10 . I am planning to hike the 485.8-mile trail over the next 10 years (that's 50 miles a year!) Segment 3 of the Colorado Trail (#1776) begins at the Little Scraggy Trailhead in the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area. Yes, you can purchase Trail planning guides as well as commemoratives from the CT Store. Yep, we’re slackers, slack-packers that is. The weather has warmed up recently so hopefully Georgia Pass and Gold Hill will be clear or at least passable by the time you get there. We receive 0-2 reports of mountain lion sightings each year. Some portions of the Trail are marked better than others, but sometimes the signage disappears due to souvenir takers and Mother Nature. Take C Line to Littleton-Mineral Ave. Station (leaves 9:19, arrives 9:47) Motels and hostels offering lodging and services for CT hikers are listed in The Official Guidebook of The Colorado Trail Foundation and on the website under Trail Resources by Segment. Segment one of the Colorado Trail starting at the Waterton Canyon just South is Denver, and ending at the South Platte River trailhead. To address the variance the following description offers mileage markers as a range using the data from Colorado Trail 8th edition and the current GPS data on this site. You will likely see marmots, squirrels, deer, elk, bighorn sheep and a variety of birds. As far as safety, I feel like I have the necessary skills to perform a hike like this safely. We recommend that thru-travelers begin no earlier than late June because high elevations plus north-facing and treed slopes can retain very troublesome snowpack into July. Still take the 7 night trip, but only go to Breckenridge, and then take the bus to Copper Mountain to meet my friends. (Devon O’Neil, Special to The Denver Post) The CT isn’t only for backpackers. Starting from Tennessee Pass at US Hwy 24, this segment of the Colorado Trail tracks southwest with a gentle, mostly level, path through the forest. Featured Routes. Gold Hill Trailhead to Copper Mountain. Massive Wilderness. It would make my family feel better if I had something like that, as I am solo hiking; but I don’t want to waste money on something that won’t perform. Good preparation and carrying/using your chosen CT guide (Guidebook, Databook and/or Map Book) is necessary. While parking is available, a free shuttle system runs daily between many of the local towns and is a convenient option for those looking to avoid driving … The Breckenridge / Frisco area has a unique situation that allowed for us to hike segment 7 at a more leisurely pace, if that were possible. Depending upon your phone and provider, your cell phone MAY work in a few places while you won’t get a strong enough signal in many other locations. Most people just camp right along the trail in a flat location that has been used before and avoid camping on undisturbed ground. The Second Attempt at the Colorado Trail Segment 6. Envisioned from its inception as a non-motorized route, The Colorado Trail is mostly non-motorized, and there are only a few sections of the CT that are still shared with motorized users. Yes, we have both a Trail Crews program and an Adopt-A-Trail program where volunteers participate each summer to build and maintain the CT. See the trail crew page and Adopt-a-Trail page of this website or contact the CTF office for additional information. I originally opted for a Cuben Grace Duo from MLD but I already have the Trailstar and want to save some money.". Also, some work-crew volunteers are not comfortable around dogs. Cell phone coverage along The Colorado Trail is spotty. Segment 8 of the Colorado Trail has accommodations not available in most of the other CT segments. Firearms and archery permitted only during open hunting seasons, and only on NFS lands. One option is to hang your food using scent-proof bags or canisters. Through hikers & bikers would start in Waterton Canyon near Denver. The CTF Facebook page may be the single best resource for current trail conditions, updates, and information sharing. I can’t think of a better way to spend a 3-day weekend than on the Colorado Trail…so for Labor Day weekend, I convinced one of my best friends, Erika, to hike Segment 8 of the Colorado Trail with me. She’d never been backpacking before, so it took some persuasion—but with a little prep and a lot of borrowed gear, we set out on Friday afternoon. Colorado Trail : Segment 20 ist ein 11.8 Meilen langer, wenig besuchter Streckenabschnitt in der Nähe von Creede, Colorado. Each one is a moderate to exceptional hike in its own right, from 11.4 miles (18.3 kilometers) to 32 miles (51.5 kilometers) in length. Hi all, I'm thinking of doing segment 7 as a day hike on an upcoming week day. Point-to-point hikers often shuttle a vehicle ahead to their destination point to avoid having to retrace their steps. Anyone foresee problems with not having traditional shorts? Call South JeffCO call n ride in advance and ask to be taken to Lockheed-Martin. The Journey. To date, we have not received any reports of aggressive bears or bear-related injuries/attacks, but have received reports of bears eating hikers’ food. General Info; On the CT: The Bike; On the CT: The Boots ; On the CT: The Gear; On the CT: The Videos; On the CT: The Presentation w/ Q&A; Segment 7: Gold Hill Trailhead. Snowshoeing. There is also the Colorado Trail Friends Memorial Yurt in CT Segment 22 west of Spring Creek Pass; information is available at Hinsdale Haute Route. After hiking segment 2, segment 3 is a nice change. Doing that many miles a day (16+) and parts of the trail are around 11k, it will be grueling. Colorado Trail: Segment 5 ist ein 13.7 Meilen langer, moderat besuchter Streckenabschnitt in der Nähe von Grant, Colorado. Subscribe here. Make sure your tires are good before heading to this trailhead - rumble strips for miles! That gives me about 13 miles of leeway, so if I'm having a tough time, I can cut down on miles but still make it to Copper on time. This portion of the Colorado Trail is considered segment #1 of the 28 segment Colorado Trail. Dogs are allowed on all sections of the Trail except in the Waterton Canyon part of Segment 1. Not too much foot traffic on an early Saturday morning. More at our Weather page. "How well travelled is the trail at this time of the year? CT users experience sunburn, chilling thunder and hail storms, and even snow storms in summer. See the Guided Trekking page of this website for details. This is the longest of the 28 Colorado Trail segments. The Colorado Trail (CT) stretches 486 miles from Denver to Durango, and is divided into 28 segments. Segment 7 of the Colorado Trail starts near Tiger Road off highway nine on the west side of the road. Judith Ackerman reviewed Colorado Trail : Segment 4. Dog owners should control their pets around people, prevent harassment or chasing of wildlife, and pick up after their dogs around the Trail and campsites. Segment 7.4 of the CT with Botsy Phillips and James Weingarten. Your itinerary has you camping close to water so more likely to deal with mosquitoes. Mount Massive East Slopes Featured Route 13mi San Isabel NF. Many people report having success with the combinations of sturdy trail running/hiking shoes and hiking poles. Should tackle the burned area later in the day and have plenty of water! Running Bugs. 4 Things to Know Before You Segment-Hike the Colorado Trail. Like. As to elevation: thanks for bringing that up! Hypothermia is also a danger, even in summer. By J.B. Bissell • July 24, 2018. The Stats. Rocky Mountain weather can be intense and change very quickly. It would make my family feel better if I had something like that, as I am solo hiking; but I don’t want to waste money on something that won’t perform.". That’s not how it works when piecing together segments of The Colorado Trail. Both the CT Guidebook and Databook provide more details and are available through the CT Store. CT users post frequently on this Facebook page and so does the CTF. Haha!). Also, camping should be avoided on private land (mainly near communities along the Trail, shown in white on the guidebook maps). BACKPACKING LIGHT® and the FEATHER/MOUNTAIN icon are registered trademarks granted for exclusive use to Beartooth Media Group, Inc. Segment 4 of the Colorado Trail brings the hiker up out of the Ponderosa pine forests north of the Lost Creek Wilderness and into the open parks and Lodgepole pine and Douglas fir forests to the west. Plan B: We have 7 days at the resort, I don't mind sacrificing one of those days to finish out the section hike. The only place you can buy all 3 of the CT Guides is from the online CT Store. This is the first edition Guidebook that covers both the CT Collegiate East and CT Collegiate West. This 3.6% variance is spread evenly across the length of the trail. Much of the CT is above tree line where there are fewer options. It took me just over five days to hike from the Waterton Canyon trailhead all the way to Breckenridge. Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Centers of towns near to the CT may also provide accommodation information. This section of the Colorado Trail closely follows the old Hooper Trail, a logging road built in 1885 by W.W. Hooper and … At a Glance It connects with the official Colorado Trail after about 3 miles, an equal distance as the CT, so I simply walk out of town. #followcamfriday social distancing alpine tour 2020 continues with this 3000ft classic descent. Single Speeding on The Colorado Trail Adventures @ the Back of the Pack. My itinerary for travel is as follows: Arrive at 7:00 AM in Denver I may even start planning out mileage should I choose Plan B, but I would rather not (so my mind doesn't really determine it as an option! Would it be safe to say that I will see a fair amount of other backpackers/day hikers along the way? However, does SPOT work well on this part of the CT? The trail travels west from the north end of the parking area and continues to the Wellington Lake Road/Rolling Creek Trailhead. Stunning but not Covid-19 safe. Some people complete the trail by “segment travel” over the course of several seasons. As our luck would have it, our friends had just bought a Jeep and there happened to be a Jeep road close enough to mile 9. CTF volunteers work hard to preserve the signage, but aren’t able to immediately replace every missing sign. Some interesting things: In lieu of shorts, I am wearing Pearl Izumi Fly Short Tights. "A Trailstar should be fine for this hike right? There are no fees to travel the CT; however, some of the National Forest campgrounds and parking areas along the Trail may charge a fee. The Colorado Division of Wildlife, 303-297-1192, has a number of informative pamphlets on wildlife in Colorado. The average thru hike usually takes 4-6 weeks. For questions and details about permits, please contact the USFS. Afternoon thunderstorms can happen daily in July and August. If you are a hammock camper, you will have to be more careful in picking you campsites. One man offers his sage advice on how to tackle the 486-mile Colorado Trail, piece by piece. I had exactly 2 messages that failed to get out the entire time I used a SPOT and both were at the TH starting segment 4 in the lower parking lot. The Trail also covers a wide range of elevations and terrain, offering something for hikers of all skill levels. Having dogs near sharp, swinging trail-work tools presents a possible risk to the dog or the worker(s). Only the most fit riders can hope to actually ride much of this trail. Motorcycle Riding. Bring your rain jacket, you You can view details about each of these huts at the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association. Accommodations on the trail are few and far between and should not be relied on. Editor's Note: This is a blog about segment hiking the Colorado Trail. Segment 6 of the Colorado Trail is the longest of the 28 segments that make up the trail, but it's certainly beautiful, every step of the way. Weather. – Hike 12.4 miles if Segment 7 to end at Copper Mountain! Lightning is a real danger at higher elevations. Tons of climbing - perhaps better for hiking than trail running. With an average elevation of over 10,000 feet your lungs and legs will be tested. There are a few huts that are part of the 10th Mountain Division Hut System. Outside of the Wilderness areas, many leash and voice control rules still apply; it is best to check with the Forest Service Ranger District offices to be sure. Avoid cotton socks. Segment 4 of the Colorado Trail #1776 brings the hiker up out of the Ponderosa pine forests north of the Lost Creek Wilderness and into the open parks and Lodgepole pine and Douglas fir forests to the west. The Colorado backcountry has a range of animals from bears and mountain lions to mice and insects. It covers each of the CT’s 33 segments in detail, including trail access points, trail description and maps (maps not as detailed as the CT Map Book). Some are accessible for passenger cars, while others require high clearance and/or 4wd vehicle.

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