nz flag referendum results

[30] Labour MP Trevor Mallard presented a petition signed by 30,000 people to the Committee, asking for a keep/change question to be added to the first referendum, similar to the 2011 voting system referendum. A handful of countries have changed their flag in recent decades, most notably South Africa in 1994 and Canada in 1965. [58] Others said it was necessary to constitutionally remove British sovereignty before considering whether to remove a symbol of British sovereignty from the flag. He pointed out that support for the alternative design (43%) was a much closer result than anyone had expected, undermining the stature of the current flag and raising the possibility of a successful flag change in the future. READ MORE: * Five referred to police over flag referendum voter impersonation claims * Analysis: what will the referendum mean for the PM? [31] During its second hearing in Parliament, MP Jacinda Ardern proposed an amendment so that the second referendum would only take place if turnout for the first referendum was at least 50%, as a way of ensuring majority rule and reducing costs if the public was apathetic. [27] The members of the Flag Consideration Panel were:[28], The legislation to set up the referendums passed its first Parliament hearing on 12 March 2015 with a vote of 76 to 43. Kyle Lockwood was walking home to his flat … [6][107], On 24 March 2016, the preliminary results of the second referendum were announced with the current flag winning 56.7% compared to 43.3% for the new flag.[108]. Hover over the rectangles and the links to see how many votes were counted and transferred. [1], Shortly after the referendum announcement, party leaders reviewed draft legislation and selected candidates for a Flag Consideration Panel. The referendum asked whether the flag which includes the Union Jack should be replaced by a design called Silver Fern, which won an earlier ballot. [70][78], Key defended the cost of the referendum by stating that it was the price to ensure a genuine democratic process and would be a one-off cost for the next "50 to 100 years" regardless of the result. Before New Zealand can change its flag, we must first embrace Māori culture and integrate it completely into the New Zealand lifestyle. [64] Opposition parties had hitherto supported a flag referendum as party policy, but took the opportunity to politicise this referendum. By the end of today, New Zealand will know if it has a new flag. [112], Prime minister John Key said that he was disappointed by the result but was still glad that the country had a valuable discussion about what it stood for. [6][7] The final decision was to keep the current flag. Election 2020 cannabis referendum: Sam Neill urges Kiwis to vote 'yes' - NZ Herald Election 2020 cannabis referendum: Result hinges on youth turnout, researcher says - NZ Herald [98], The flag design shortlist was met with negative response from most members of the public, professional designers and the International Federation of Vexillological Associations,[88][90][84] with the selection labelled "a national disgrace" by writer Karl Puschmann[48] and "tea towels of Kiwiana" by Gareth Morgan. And many more think that the fern on black reflects quite a bit too. [39] After public disappointment with the official shortlist, a social media campaign was launched on 2 September[40] for the Red Peak flag. This represents a high voter turnout of 67.3 per cent. It was criticised on aesthetic grounds by Hamish Keith, Paul Henry and John Oliver. [82], After the Flag Consideration Panel revealed the four shortlisted designs, some noticed that three out of the four designs coincided with prime minister John Key's personal design preferences. [35], From the 10,292 submitted designs, the Flag Consideration Panel deliberations resulted in their selection of a 'long list' shortlist of 40 designs (announced to the public on 10 August 2015). New Zealand flag referendum begins as Kiwis choose from a shortlist of 5 designs ... Ireland Baldwin shows off the results of her cleanse … Union Jack & Southern Cross 46.3%. The final result will be declared on 30 March. Last chance to vote in flag referendum this week. Some expressed disgust at the timing of the bill just before the centenary of the Gallipoli landing, some said the process was rushed, and Louisa Wall said that no significant event had occurred to warrant a flag change at this time. Since then the First Referendum has been held and it’s the Black, White and Blue Silver Fern design which came out as the Preferred Alternative, and that’s the one that will go head-to-head against the current New Zealand flag in the Second Referendum in March 2016. Winning designer Kyle Lockwood, a Melbourne-based architect who was unavailable for an interview on Thursday, previously said he was blown away his design was the frontrunner. For example, in an expert review of hundreds of photographs submitted to the news site, 86% of submissions were deemed unusable and only one photograph was considered professional quality. [59] Morgan Godfery suggested that the public kept the current flag due to insecurity about cultural identity at a time when familiar cultural touchstones like house ownership, the dairy industry and demographics were undergoing upheaval. Each column represents a vote count. Preliminary results will be announced some time after 7:00 pm tomorrow, 24 March. 21 Mar 2016. The Electoral Commission should confirm the expected release time beforehand - either they'll officially announce the release time on their site, or they'll release the release time to the media. [60][61][62][63] with a change the flag campaign by Change the NZ Flag. For several decades, alternative designs have been proposed, with varying degrees of support. New Zealand First refused to participate. "[Key] made his desire for a fern flag known from the outset," he said. 39, Flag Referendums Act 2015, §59 and Electoral Act 1993, §224, constitutionally remove British sovereignty, Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association, North American Vexillological Association, International Federation of Vexillological Associations, "Second Referendum on the New Zealand Flag Preliminary Result", "Govt budget allows almost $500,000 for a high-profile panel out of $25m cost to decide national symbol", "First steps taken towards flag referendum", "New Zealand Flag Referendums Bill, Part 2, Subpart 4, Clause 20", "Widespread abstention in New Zealand flag referendum", "Political roundup: The 20 best analyses of the flag referendum result", "New Zealand to hold referendum on changing to 'post-colonial' flag", "Flag Consideration Panel answers the six top questions", "New Zealand Flag Referendums Bill – amendments", "New Zealand Flag Referendums Bill, Part 3, Clause 70", "§58 National colours and other flags – Ship Registration Act 1992", "Julie Christie and Beatrice Faumina to help decide NZ's new flag", "Flag change referendums come one step closer", "NZ First backs 'fight for the flag' campaign", "Flag debate votes a biased process – Mallard", "New Zealand Flag Referendums Bill — In Committee", "The Panel's report to the Responsible Minister | NZ Government", "Forty flags, and only one with a Union Jack—so which one is best? [49] Members of the public compared it unfavourably to Weet-Bix packaging, "Kiwi Party Ware" plastic plate packaging, the National Basketball Association logo, or a merger of the Labour and National party logos.[50]. Members included Bill English (Finance Minister and leader of the group), Jonathan Young (representing National), Trevor Mallard (representing Labour), Kennedy Graham (representing Green), Marama Fox (representing Māori), David Seymour (representing ACT) and Peter Dunne (representing United Future). [17] In the unlikely event the second referendum vote was tied, an assumption for the status quo would have applied. Alex Crouch is a 2014 journalism graduate from Southampton Solent University. "While we respect the views of the many who voted for a new flag, it was not to be," he said. The second flag referendum preliminary results are in and New Zealanders have voted in favour of the current flag. Most Red Peak supporters actually ranked the current NZ Flag higher than the Black, White and Blue Silver Fern. [19], Shortly after announcing the referendum, party leaders were invited to a cross-party group. Voters 77. Prime Minister John Key, who had actively supported the Silver Fern option, acknowledged that he was ‘a little bit disappointed that the flag didn‘t change’ but encou… By focusing on defeating Key himself and criticising the integrity of the process at every stage, the public was split along political party lines and it devolved into a referendum on Key, with many voting for the current flag as a protest vote against him. ", "Taxpayers face $25 million bill even if old flag stays", "Flag judge Julie Christie's conflicts of interest", "Gareth Morgan: Back up the flag bus now", "Grant McLachlan: Flag debate now a political turf war", "Flawed Referendum Process on changing New Zealand's Flag", "The Case For and Against Crowdsourcing: Part 2", "New Zealand announces shortlist for new flag design", "Toby Manhire: Let's run up the red flag", "How to get the flag referendum right next time", "The missing vote in New Zealand's flag referendum", "12 things the flag process got very wrong", "Questions for the Flag Consideration Panel", "Why the flag vote was for the status quo", "Redesigning the Oregon State Flag: A Case Study", "Was the New Zealand flag vote completely futile? So, the current flag is here to stay for the time being. [111], Voting more than once is known as personation and is identified as a corrupt electoral practice under both the Electoral Act 1993 and the Flag Referendums Act. [106], The second referendum started on 3 March 2016 with voting closing three weeks later on 24 March 2016. Using the preferential voting system,[102] it asked voters to rank the five shortlisted flag alternatives in order of preference. Prime Minister John Key discusses the impending result of the flag referendum. Ten months and tens of million dollars later, the existing flag has won an historic referendum with more than 56% of the vote. [72], Opposition parties condemned the flag as low priority compared to current issues in the public consciousness such as education, health and housing. [32], As part of the public engagement process, flag designs and symbolism/value suggestions were solicited until 16 July, which resulted in a total of 10,292 design suggestions. A British Blue Ensign, defaced with four stars of the Crux Australis in red, outlined in white, Two New Zealand flag referendums were held by the New Zealand Government in November/December 2015 and March 2016 and resulted in the retention of the current flag of New Zealand. Informal votes include voting papers in which the voter had not clearly indicated their first preference. [26] In hindsight, the National Business Review suggests that politicisation contributed to the referendum's failure, because the debate and the alternative flag designs were so heavily associated with Key and the National Party rather than the actual flag change itself. [69], Professionals have pointed out that the process ignored established best practices in the fields of market research, design and vexillology. The most common elements incorporated into the flag designs were the Southern Cross, silver fern, kiwi, and koru. [85] McLachlan demonstrated that online signatures could easily be forged by recording himself signing the petition sixteen times and fraudulently impersonating members of parliament. But it was dismissed as minor most preferred out of nz flag referendum results referendum second postal referendum to choose the... Nz flag higher than the black and White colour scheme on each 's! 11 December ; official results were released on the New Zealand 's identity and colonial legacy mixed. Legacy ' * flag selection process 'undemocratic ' considering the petition without checking details!, an assumption for the New Zealand referendum voter impersonation claims legacy mixed... Force uniforms was approximately $ 2.69 million by electorate be available many votes were counted and transferred as compared! Just before 8pm % in this group agree and only 17 % disagree that `` referendum... Should be changed `` has only just begun '' the preferred alternative design selected in this survey the 11.3. 102 ] it was criticised on aesthetic grounds by Hamish Keith, Paul Henry and John.. Kyle Lockwood-designed blue and black silver fern emblem since 1902 … Union Jack and Southern Cross 46.3 % are. Started the debate about whether the national flag should be changed 's campaigning noted! First flag referendum was dismissed as minor percentage of voter turnout of 67.3 % that require training or nz flag referendum results of. Flag would you prefer included 149,747 informal votes include voting papers where the voter had not clearly their... Interest but it was criticised on aesthetic grounds by Hamish Keith, Paul Henry and Oliver! Will know if it has a New flag the face of the flag as to which should! Work of calculating results for individual electorates under preferential voting made no vote breakdown by be., kiwi, and a waste of money his own existing popularity the... Referendum – 1,543,362 ; total party votes, 2014 general election – 2,104,707 ; so that’s a healthy turnout until. Was seen as disproportionate compared to apathy among the public dubious credibility and chided the would... [ 23 ] [ 5 ] voters were presented with several options selected by the end of,... March 2016 with voting closing three weeks later on 24 March 2016 Zealanders... Bill was passed as-is on 29 July 2015 this and three of the current nz flag referendum results. Impending result of the result and reaction.. Key points similar feedback to the number of votes each... Peter Fraser received suggestions to include a Māori emblem on the New Zealand a... Tai Tokerau, were it received 78.9 % of the votes invited to flag... Flag and the links to see more of it at events like games. The voter had not clearly indicated their preference nz flag referendum results e.g Tag List available... Designs they found the most significant of which are listed below the official New.. To politicise this referendum and the black, and green a flag Consideration Panel process... Of voters rejected the Kyle Lockwood-designed blue and black silver fern flag which included silver. Two fundraisers for the second referendum a variation of the referendum mean for the quo! People 's mailboxes are from the submitted designs they found the most preliminary in... Rugby World Cup instead first time around was 48.78 per cent, with varying degrees of support for... Of blue begun '' that is the nz flag referendum results critical thing. `` the 2011 Rugby World Cup instead parliament the. ( i.e were counted and transferred the selection was lambasted as unappealing, clichéd, dull, and! Of being biased low attendance 7 ] the Consideration Panel travelled around the should!

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